Dr. Martine F. Delfos PH.D. has written several books, most on the subject of psychology. Drs. Marijke Gottmer supported most publications by doing literature research. Most books are written in Dutch. Translations of several books are in progress.

All including Dutch titles French titles Spanish title German titles Myanmar titles

There are three main publication fields:

1: PSYCHOLOGY (English titles only)


2: THERAPEUTIC CHILDREN's BOOKS View subjects in the Dutch series

Martine F. Delfos wrote several therapeutic children's books. Subjects: adoption, sexual abuse, physical abuse, growing up with drug addicted parents, egocentrism, growing up with psychiatric disturbed parents, divorce, ADHD, divorce, autism, anxiety, death of a parent.

3: SEXUAL EDUCATION View subjects in the Dutch series

A series about sexual education in 11 volumes by Martine F. Delfos is in progress.

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